Writing / Expression écrite au bac d’anglais

survival guideScared of essays ? No worries. You are in the right spot to find all the info you need.

To start with, a brief video to remind you of the most common mistakes in the baccalauréat.

To check if you won’t make these mistakes, here is a little online exercise.

The most common exercise given is the essays. Here is a quick video about the method. You can also have a look at the page dedicated to « Argumentative essays »

and a PDF document to remind you of some basic rules :

Need help with vocabulary :

The assessment grid that will be used to grade your work :

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Now,just pick the type of work you’d like to study :

Argumentative Essays

Narrative Essays

Letters / Emails


Diary Entries

Or check the Games section for some fun activities related to writing.

Some links about writing here