How to fill in the Journal

Go to Google classroom

If you haven’t joined the class yet, join by entering the code for your class given in step 3 in the article of your class :

Welcome in Terminale !

Welcome in 2nde

Welcome in 4ème

Click on the assignment : « JOURNAL »  so that a copy is created on your google drive automatically.

Here is an example for the terminale class :

Fill in the journal (from the 1st term to the slide on which it is written « 2nd Term ») by clicking on the blue squares and then writing your answer. Here is an example from the journal in terminale.


If you have erased the blue square, you can add a text box by clicking on « insert » and text box » in the upper menu.


Once you have filled in the 1st term that means until you see this slide :


you need to turn in your journal. Here is an example :

Click on the button « TURN IN »

then you will see this, and you click on « TURN IN » again.

And you will see that

OR like this


Thank you !