Mock Exam

Hi everyone,

To prepare for the mock exam (and to get a good grade, this is all you need to read and watch and use to take notes, everything is here).

Don’t forget to define the notion, mention the theme and its link with the notion, present your key question and give your outline in the introduction.

Give arguments, examples taken from the documents done in class and in flipped class (on the following videos/prezis), and give your opinion.

Conclude by giving a synthesis of what you’ve said and open up the subject on a question.

Yearly Course

Yearly Course terminale

School Calendar

school-calendar-2017-2018 terminale



Notion of Progress

1st Sequence Invention

2nd Sequence – Physical Appearance


Notion of Space and Reciprocity


3rd Sequence – Relationships

4th Sequence – American Lifestyle

if you want to change the key questions (problématiques), have a look here

If you have some questions about the speaking exam, here is some info