Problématiques Identités et échanges

Voici ci-après une liste d’exemples de problématiques pour étudier l’axe culturel « Identités et échanges » en anglais.

Immigration : origins and impacts
Modern immigrants : a rosy or a gloomy future?
Is the American Dream still alive ?
War on immigration in the US
Immigration in Canada
The effects of immigration in the economy
Immigration : from slavery to current waves of immigrants
Immigration to the US : the shaping of a nation
The Positive Impact of Immigrants in our Society
What does Immigration Bring to the US?
Illegal immigration : an American perspective
The effects of immigration in the United Kingdom
latino immigration to the US

Multiculturalism in the US
British Asian community nowadays
Having a double identity : a positive or a negative thing
A multicultural country : a place of peace and understanding or conflicts
Living in a foreign country : a positive or a negative experience

Understanding the world through travelling
Travelling brings tolerance and peace
The nature and purpose of tourism
The definition of fair tourism

The difference between the 1st and the 3rd world
The global world : a land of opportunities ?
The role of globalization in standardizing the world culture
Global economy : advantages and disadvantages
The impacts of globalization on developing countries
Globalization and music
The globalization of child labor
The link between globalization and poverty

Modern-day Communication brings more exchanges between people.
Sports : ethics Vs money and drugs

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