Problématiques Mythes et Héros

Voici quelques exemples de problématiques Mythes et Héros pour présenter la notion au bac d’anglais.

The role/importance of myths and heroes in our society / nowadays
Learning from myths and heroes / Lessons taught by myths and heroes
The role of heroes in our society
The Definition of a hero
The values brought to us by heroes
The interpretation of heroes in Hollywood movies
The impacts of heroes on our lives
The relationship between Heroes and the American Dream
The image of heroes in the media
Ordinary persons becoming heroes : how, why, the consequences
The Definition of a modern-day hero vs in the past
The self-made men, American heroes
Real Heroes and their values and aspirations
The definition of heroes in US society
The definition of heroes in the English-speaking world (Mandela, Gandhi…)
The rise and fall of heroes
The role of anti-heroes/villains in today’s society
The role of Sports heroes in our society
Defining Pop stars/politicians/champions as heroes
Anti-heroes’ power in today’s society
The role of media in creating heros
The ways we can use to become heroes
The origin of heroes to make the world a better place
The globalization/standardization of heroes
The Queen of England : a modern-day hero
The subversive Heroes
The portrays of heroes and anti-heroes in Hollywood movies
Soldiers/Cowboys/politicians : modern-day heroes or anti-heroes
Heroes and British/American identity
The Space Frontier : myth or reality
The belief in heroism
The role of Superheroes in today’s society
The evolution of heroism
The witches : an example of anti-heroes
The Pilgrims Fathers : Heroes of the American society
The new Hero : the Patriots
Rosa Parks / Martin Luther King / Malcom X / Nelson Mandela / Barak Obama : a Black American Hero

The Founding myths and their purpose : The Bill of Rights / US constitution, The Frontier (US), the Arthurian legends (GB)
The American Dream : Myth or Reality
The American Dream : the end of a myth
Barak Obama and the Black American Dream
The link between Myths and legends and culture
The role of myths and legends in building a nation
The globalization of myths
The relationship between myths and cultural values
The need for myths in contemporary society
The belief in myths : origin, impacts, purposes
The American founding myth of the Frontier
The building of America and the Frontier myth
The Manifest Destiny myth and American identity
The Manifest Destiny myth nowadays
The Frontier myth nowadays
The Manifest Destiny myth’s ideological origins
The American Frontier hero
The rags-to-riches myth
Frederick Jackson Turner, an American Hero
Myths and Heroes as a mean of social cohesion
The link between westward expansion and the myths
The Gold rush : a time of legends and heroes

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