Problématiques notion de Pouvoir

Voici quelques exemples de problématiques Notion de Pouvoir à présenter à l’oral du bac d’anglais.

The definition of Power
The nature of power and its links with violence

Power and Media
The influence of media on our life
The influence of media on our mind, personality, identity
The Power of mass media on us
The power of the press
The Media : the 5th Power ?
The power of advertising
The influence of advertising in our daily lives
The importance of press freedom
The origins and consequences of the new media landscape
The power of media Vs our privacy
Media globalization and cultural imperialism
Media censorship
The new forms of media : blogs, social media : the end of powerful media corporation ?
The manipulation of our perceptions through the media
The limits given to the power of media

Power and Globalization
The link between Power and globalization
The power of Money
The Power of Capitalism
The relationship between consumer society and globalization
Do we live in a global village ?

Power and Violence
The Power of the NRA (National Rifle Association) in the US
Gun control in the US vs the power of the NRA
The Power of civil rights activists and non violent acts in the shape of US society

The evolution of Counter Powers in our society
The relationship between technology and power
The different types of Power in India
Different means of protests
Education as a mean of power
the power of lobbies in shaping our society
the power of ecological associations/lobbies Vs capitalist corporations
The empowerment of citizens/women/youngsters in our society
The survival of the fittest
The link between Social Darwinism and Power
Dictatorship Vs Democracy

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