Problématiques notion de Progrès

Voici quelques exemples de problématiques Notion de Progrès (notion of progress) pour l’oral d’anglais :

The notion of progress in general
Definition of progress
Interpretation of progress
The positive and negative sides of progress
Is progress always a progress?
New identities thanks to progress
Does Progress address our desires more than our needs?

The notion of Progress and Technologies
The influence of technological progress on today’s society
The impact of internet on our lives / our society
New Technologies : progress or danger ?
Technological progress and working conditions
Life in a tech-less world
The link between progress in new technologies and people’s isolation/lack of communication
The impacts of information and communication technologies on education
The progress in education
Working with technologies : positive and negative impacts
The dangers of social networks/internet on our privacy

Progress and Physical Appearance / Health
Medical Progress and its impacts on our health
Immortality : dream or reality ?
Progress and the new definition of beauty / Perfection
The influence of media in the promotion of cosmetic surgery
The limits to cosmetic surgery
Building one’s identity in an artificial context
The link between beauty and progress
The impact of physical appearance in today’s society
the link between consumer culture and advertising and cosmetic surgery
Scientific research and their work on physical appearance, a useful purpose ?
The use of steroids to enhance one’s physical appearance

Scientific Progress
Scientific progress and its downsides
The comparison between sciences and fictional movies
Frankenstein : the drawbacks of progress
The ethical limits to progress
Human cloning : purposes and consequences
Scientific research and commercial interests

Social Progress
Are human rights making progress ?
Is society making progress?
The evolution of our society
Social progress and women’s rights
The new social relationships thanks to progress

Progress and Sustainability
Progress vs Sustainability / Sustainable Development
Promoting a sustainable progress
The need for a sustainable future
The impacts of progress on the environment
Progress and Climate Change : positive and negative aspects

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