Using Google Classroom

Creating an account on Google Classroom

Create a Gmail account if you don’t have one :

Then, go to


Click on Join Class

Find the code for your class. It’s on the « welcome » article of your class :

Welcome in 4ème

Welcome in 2nde

Welcome in Terminale

And write the code here :

Check the assignment/homework.

Find Google Classroom online

Here is the link

Fast Finishers

When you have finished early in class or when you want some extra points, feel free to go on the file called « Fast Finishers » where you can find some extra work.

To access this file, go on

Click on the arrow in the bottom of the banner and a window opens. Click on the file called « Fast Finishers« .

Then, you will access the file and choose a competence you would like to work on.