Working with Islands / Stations !

Why ?

  • Get rewards
  • Encourage Teamwork
  • Be more autonomous
  • Develop peer-tutoring, learn to help others
  • Speak English more

How ?

You work in groups and have a collective grade.
When the 1st group who has 20, we stop the grades of the other groups.
The more you work, the better you work, the more you get points for the whole group AND for yourself.
If someone in the group does something wrong, the whole group will get a malus.
The grades are displayed on

The link is given on your class syllabus.

Setting plan

2 tables together
4-5 chairs depending on the number of students.

They need to face the board.
Resource table

Who is who ?

  1. A leader
  2. A writer
  3. A spy
  4. A resource Manager
  5. A Presenter
    If there are only 4 persons in the group, the resource manager is the time keeper.

Leader : he leads the group, organize it, tell the others what to do and he/she is the only one allowed to speak with the teacher. He prepares the table for his group at the beginning and at the end of class.
Writer : he writes the work for the whole group (not the individual work)
Spy : he has the right to go and see the other groups twice during the class without disturbing them, talking to them…
Resource Manager : he can go and get info in the resource table, he/she prepares the tables with the time keeper at the beginning and at the end of class.
Presenter : he presents the work to the class.

These roles change every class.

The groups change each holiday.